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Get to Know Me

A Better Life Is Possible


My name is Misty and I can't wait to help you thrive!

I would describe life coaching as holding space in partnership with you to lead your own transformation.

It's not giving advice or telling you what to do (though I may have suggestions if you want them): it's helping you find your own answers.

My coaching style is authentic, empathic, affirming, and present.

My training includes:

-a MSW (Master of Social Work),

-quiet leadership executive coaching,

-nonviolent communication,

-motivational interviewing,

-dialectical behavioral therapy,

-trauma informed therapy, and

-health coaching practices (affirmations, yoga, nature, mindfulness, exercise, dance, etc).

To get started, schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me that you can extend to an hour-long coaching session, or you can schedule a 1-hr session today. 

I charge 1/1,000th of your annual income (ie: $30 for $30,000, etc) to help everyone access affordable coaching on a sliding scale.

I recommend setting up regular coaching sessions - weekly, biweekly, or monthly: the best results come from consistency. I am happy to do one-off sessions as well.

You are needed in this world!

I believe in you!

Let's transform your life!

About Me: About Me
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