Testimonials about Misty the Life Coach

Misty is a born empath: she has the innate ability to emote how you feel inside, to show you some of the pain you're managed to hide away. She is able to create a safe container for her clients and empathically move them towards healing. Misty is warm, inviting and was able to help me heal from the very first session.


Intuition can be developed, but it has to be present in a person from the beginning. Naturally intuitive and truly empathetic individuals are hard to find. From my first interview with Misty, it was clear she was only interested is helping me reach my goals. With no ego, or heaviness, she listens and gives you the tools to manifest want you want.


Misty is an incredible life coach with an abundance of knowledge, passion and experience nurturing others' growth. She brings sincere empathy, practical tools, and a deep understanding to the table, which allows her to connect to her clients in a thoughtful way. She is highly skilled at engaging her clients in a way that makes them active participants in coming up with plans to address their goals & concerns. I highly recommend her!


Misty is the most empathic person I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. She possesses an insatiable desire to bring peace & clarity to the lives of others and she undoubtedly executes that innate gift with compassion and precision. With her strong leadership and life coaching skills, Misty has been a consistent, reliable resource in providing a plethora of valuable coping tools that have efficiently helped me navigate through tough life challenges. If you’re in search of a life coach who can resonate with the language your spirit speaks, Misty Novitch is it!


I feel incredibly fortunate to have Misty in my life. I will never forget the time I went to Misty with a real struggle about my career, and she invited me to engage in a practice called Quiet Leadership. Through deep listening and asking thoughtful questions, Misty helped me find the solution to my issue by myself, all without any prescriptive advice. It is one of the most empowering experiences I've had to this day. She is a gem and is one of the community's best life coaches!


I've had the great opportunity of working with Misty for over a decade now. No matter what role she plays, her innate leadership abilities always shine. As a result, she has served as a great mentor, life coach, and something I call "mental organizer." She has the incredible ability to make you feel safe, vulnerable, and at the same time greatly empowered. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to further their soft skills in a safe, engaging, and creative environment!


Misty is the best guidance I have ever had. She genuinely cares about your growth/soul. She does not judge you. She only gives you the tools and the guidance that is needed to sort your mess. I swear she has a heart of god/gold. This goddess is truly a pleasure and a powerful source that is connected to the great divinity. She is so easy to talk to. For example, her amazing energy: I swear, I was crying on the phone with her... I felt safe, I felt free.